Organizers Criticize Danish Police

After Saturday’s demonstration on the occasion of the ongoing world climate summit in Copenhagen, Swedish organizations have sharply criticized the arrest of nearly 1,000 protesters by the Danish police.

Speaking to Swedish Radio news, Mattias Bernhardsson of Haninge (south of Stockholm) said that innocent protesters had been forced to sit on the cold ground for hours without any charges. The vast majority of those who were arrested had not committed any crime, Bernhardsson and several other organizers of the demonstration told the media.

But the Danish police declared it had to take action against several hundred troublemakers. Most of them were released early Sunday morning. A spokesperson for the police said there were scattered reports of localized riots in which protesters threw rocks and smashed windows. According to the police four cars were set on fire and at least one police officer was struck in the jaw by a rock.

According to different sources, between 60,000 and 100,000 people took part in Saturday’s mostly peaceful demonstration, urging world leaders to curb global warming.