A White Christmas?

The snow ploughs were out in force in the nation's capital on Tuesday morning, and the Meteorological Institute SMHI predict some that ten centimetres of the white stuff will be on the ground before Tuesday turns to Wednesday.

From Stockholm the snow clouds will be moving even further south and come Wednesday evening the whole country will be covered with snow.

But the crucial question is of course: will it be a white christmas?

For once, the nations meteorologists are in favour, because they tell us the temperatures will stay below zero in pretty much the whole country for the rest of the week, and well into next.

In the far north, the temperatures will go down as far as to minus 30 degrees Celcius, but also in the Stockholm area we are to count on minus five to minus ten degrees Celcius. Which of course means, the snow will stay and the carrot will not fall out of our melting snowman just yet. We can perhaps even take out the sleighs and go sledging.

With just under ten days left to Christmas it is of course a question whether the weather forecasters really can tell the weather that far. And there are some indications that on the 23rd of December, milder air will come in over the country, which of course means the end of our snowman and slush and sleet on the streets.

But none of that is sure yet, so the meteorologists are enjoying being the bearer of good news and say things like "there is hope of a white Christmas" and "it looks promising". At least, that is, for now.

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