Social Insurance

2500 Opt Out of Employment Office Programme

According to predictions from the Swedish Social Insurance Office, one in four Swedes losing their sick leave pay in the New Year will not participate in the introductory programme offered by the Swedish Employment Board.

And for those that refuse, there is no support given.

The Insurance Office can’t yet say exactly how many have accepted the offer to take part in the introductory employment programme, but they register how many have agreed to be transferred to the Employment Office. So far, 6800 have agreed to be transferred and 2500 have opted out. Those that have opted out now risk receiving no state support at all.

“How these people will solve their financial situation now does not fall within the Social Insurance Office area of responsibility, “Ulrika Persson of the Insurance Office told Swedish Radio News.

One of the reasons why so many are opting out of the transfer is believed to be the new rules, presented in parliament last week, which has given people new hope of having their cases retried.

But according to the Social Insurance Office there is not much chance of any of Sweden’s 16000 risking to be without any support, having their sick pay extended.

“These people are off sick for various reasons. The more lenient rules from last week concerns severely ill people and that is not the case with the majority,” said Birgitta Målsäter, Insurance Director at the Social Insurance Office to Swedish Radio News.