Further Pig Farming Scandals in Sweden

With the pig farming outrage in Sweden a few weeks back still in fresh memory, a new discovery of maltreatment of animals have been discovered.

Two pig farmers in the south of Sweden were reported after county veterinary inspectors found major breaches at their farms.

In one of the pig pens the county vets found a sow being eaten alive by her piglets as they had grown so big she could no longer get to her feet. Another sow was found in a distressed state as she had been trying to give birth for over 48 hours with no assistance.

County council inspections were carried out on 31 farms in the county of Halland, all of which had been notified in advance of the visit.

“It is remarkable that we find such serious breaches at planned and announced inspections,” county veterinary surgeon Madeleine Beckman said to Swedish TV 4 News.

She was disappointed and stunned at the discoveries and said that there were obvious shortcomings that the pig farming industry needs to deal with.

“To follow the laws on animal protection is the absolute minimum – the industry should be better than this,” she said to TV4.