A glimmer of hope remaining?
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Ecclestone and Genii Revise Saab Offer

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and the Luxembourg based investment company Gennii Capital have submitted a revised bid for Saab autos.

"We have made a new offer showing the financial strength of Genii-Ecclestone and our long-term financial commitment to Saab, which means that we are capable of supporting Saab for a long period of time and are committed to the automotive industry," Swedish businessman Lars Carlström told AFP news agency. He added that he expected to hear back from owners General Motors within the week. 

Meanwhile the hope that GM decides to sell Saab has still not perished, according to Jöran Hägglund , state secretary at the Ministry for Enterprise and Energy.

Hägglund commented briefly on the discussions he has been involved in with GM before leaving Detroit on Wednesday. GM is winding down Saab after failing to find a buyer although it has kept open the option of selling the company if the right financial offer, around 450 million dollars, was made.  

“There are still ongoing discussions, so a glimmer of hope is still there. We have so far not come upon anything that says it wouldn’t be possible, but we must be aware that we are dealing with last straws,” he said to Swedish news agency TT.

He was still unwilling to disclose exactly whom he has been in negotiations with.

“ We are at a sensitive stage in negotiations and I can’t just run around and tell whom we are meeting with as we are trying to build up a relationship of trust with GM,” he said to TT.

Hägglund  was determined to save his judgement on how GM has handled the Saab situation until the end result is visible.

“But they have put a lot of effort into analysing these late bids and what possibility there is to go through with a sale,” he said.

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