Maud Olofsson, leader of the Centre Party

Poll Sends Cold Message to Government

Two of the four parties in the government coalition would not make it into parliament if there was an election today. According to the latest opinion poll the Centre party as well as the Christian Democrats would get less than 4 per cent of the votes. Such a low score would cause the whole centre right government to fall.

The biggest opinion drop took place in the Centre party, whose leader among others has been criticised for her handling of the Saab crisis and the state owned energy company Vattenfall.

In the opposition, also the Left Party polled below the 4-per cent threshold. In total, the three party opposition coalition got 51,2 per cent of the voters sympathies in the poll, while the government coalition parties only scored 41,8 per cent.

The wild card, the extreme right xenophobic Sweden Democrats attracted five per cent of the voters in the poll, which - if this was an election result - would grant them a place in parliament.

The next general election will be held in September this year.

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