Stabbing on the Increase say Hospitals

The number of assaults, especially stabbing, are increasing, according to statistics from the emergency wards at two of Sweden's biggest hospitals.

Ten years ago, it was rare that anyone came to Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg with a serious knife injuries, now it is part of an everyday routine, Gregor Nilsson, trauma coordinator at Sahlgrenska, tells Swedish Radio News.

"There are more of them, and the number of serious wounds from stabbing have increased. People are stabbed in more than one place and in their vital organs," Nilsson says.

In 2002 ten people with life threatening wounds from stabbing came into the emergency ward at Sahlgrenska. Last year, there were 68 such patients.

Also at the Söder Hospital in Stockholm, a similar development has been noted. The number of seriously assaulted patients have almost tripled in seven years.

"There are more injuries to more organs. People have been hit more and stabbed more, says Gregor Nilsson.

But the researchers at the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention say they have no data to show that the violent crimes have increased since the 1990-ies. Only very few hospitals keep statistics of the victims of violent crimes, which makes it hard to draw conclusions from it, according to Felipe Estrada, research director at the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

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