Slim pickings for Sweden's bird population

January Cold Sends Records Tumbling

For the first time since 1829, temperatures have kept below freezing in the city of Stockholm during all of January. According to new weather statistics released by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, southern Sweden has experienced an unusually cold January month, while the northern parts of the country have enjoyed warmer-than-usual temperatures.

The curious reversal can be traced to a high pressure area over Russia, which has blocked the warmer Atlantic air from reaching the southern end of Sweden, leaving it with the coldest January in 23 years. The mild air did manage to reach the North, however, giving it warmer temperatures at times, writes Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

In addition, weather records have been smashed right and left, in regard to both temperatures and snowfall. The central city of Gävle recorded -30 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature since 1963, and Norrköping in the southern end hasn't seen more than its current drift of 47 centimeters of snow since 1985.

The snow and cold has led to a number of traffic deaths and delays in public transportation throughout the country. On Monday, a man shovelling snow off railroad tracks was hit and killed by a high-speed train.

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