County Councils Ban Facebook

According to a survey compiled by TV4 news half of Sweden's County Councils have now partially or fully denied employees access to social media Facebook during working hours. The ever increasing popularity and use of such sites as Facebook at work has led to many of Sweden's county councils to take drastic measures limiting or completely forbidding Facebook during work hours, including coffee and lunch breaks.

After employees had left Facebook pages open Södersjukhuset (a Stockholm general hospital) made the decision to completely deny access during work hours.

"We noticed that Facebook pages were left open on computers that were meant for patient information. And then we thought that maybe the patients would think "is someone writing about me?", if they saw that someone was 'Facebooking' at work", said the hospital's press officer Helen Hellströmmar to TV4 news Tuesday.

A survey sent out by TV4 news shows that twelve county councils allow Facebook use coupled with heavy restrictions. Stockholm County Council, in which Södersjukhuset belongs, has ruled that each work place should decide itself, whether or not to introduce a ban. Alternative methods that have been applied in several other councils including a filter which warns the user upon entering the site. Nine counties have resticted Facebook use wherein six have completely disabled log-in.

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