Court Refuses Compensation in Da Costa Murder Case

The two doctors wrongly convicted for the brutal murder of Catrine da Costa in 1984 have failed in their bid for compensation from the state.

The district court in Stockholm, which considered the doctors’ claim for over $5.5 million in compensation, ruled that there was no evidence of errors or neglect which would justify the claim.

The doctors, a general practitioner and a pathologist, were convicted for the murder and dismembering of the woman in 1988 but were later cleared of the charges in a retrial which found that the evidence against them was circumstantial.

Nonetheless, the doctors were never permitted to practice medicine again and have long maintained that the court case and their subsequent treatment by Swedish authorities, destroyed their lives.  

The grisly nature of the case – the victim’s remains were found in different locations around Stockholm following her disappearance in June 1984 - and the fact that it was never been resolved, has made it one of the most infamous crimes in Swedish criminal history.