Snow Buries South, Spares North

The weather seems to be in reverse this winter. While southern Sweden keeps setting new records for snow depth, the mountains in the North have seen considerably less snowfall than usual.

The latest snowstorm has Borås replacing its 1945 snowpack record of 70 centimeters with a hearty 80 centimeters, and Halmstad, Gothenburg, and Jönköping have all set new records as well.

“It’s the stubborn cold air that’s the culprit,” Alexandra Ohlsson of the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute told TT. “Normally there are periods of thaw when the snow melts away. But now, new snow just packs on before the old snow melts.”

But the North has seen opposite conditions—in many areas, snow cover is sparse, and the mountain resorts are enjoying much less snow than usual.