Explanation Demanded for Sky High Electricity Prices

Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Maud Olofsson, has severely criticized the country’s power companies for contributing to the season’s record-high electricity prices. Citing the several nuclear power plants that are either shut down or running at reduced output, Olofsson is calling the power heads to a meeting to express her discontentment and demand an explanation.

“I am very displeased with the owners of the nuclear power plants. They have promised for a while now that they would run at full capacity, but they’re not doing that now. When they don’t do it, we have to produce more hydroelectric power, which eats at our water reservoirs,” she told Swedish Radio News.

Sweden gets about half of its electricity from nuclear power, so as output sinks, electricity prices go up. What’s more, Swedes are consuming more electricity than usual because of the unusually cold winter. Some homeowners have already reported increases of over 400 US dollars per month.

Swedes will continue to see extremely high electricity bills until the nuclear power plants start producing energy at their normal rate.