“I Didn’t Know Enough” – Reepalu

After months of heated debates over Anti-Semitism in Malmö, the mayor of Sweden’s third city Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, has paid the local Jewish congregation a visit. Speaking to the press after the meeting with representatives of the congregation, Reepalu conceded that he was not aware of the extent of Anti-Semitic actions Jews are facing on a regular basis.

The mayor promised far-reaching measures to curb Anti-Jewish hate crimes in Malmö – a city with a large Muslim population.

Social Democratic politician Reepalu has been facing harsh criticism both by political opponents as well as his own party leader Mona Sahlin after he gave the impression that Jews who openly support Israel’s policies would have to blame themselves for Anti-Semitic incidents conducted by members of the Muslim community. The increased number of such incidents has made many Jewish families leave Malmö in the previous months.