Splits on Tax Cuts for Household Help

The ruling Swedish moderate conservative party has launched its campaign to save the center-right coalition government’s program giving tax deductions to those who hire house-hold help.

The party argues that question has become a symbolic issue in the campaigns for the coming September elections.   It also claims that many new jobs have been created in this time of high unemployment and that this has reduced the number of people working on the black market without paying any income taxes.


The opposition parties are divided.  The Left and Green parties promise to remove the tax deductions if the  red-green coalition wins the elections while some Social Democrats are starting to talk about keeping the deductions but in some other form – and could be reserved for the sick and the elderly needing assistance .

Critics argue that very few new jobs have been created and that those high-income earners should be able to pay for assistance without the nation’s tax payers covering part of the bills.

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