Red-green opposition leaders on Tuesday

Opposition to End Household Tax Relief for Cleaning and Babysitting

After a week of mixed messages, the leaders of the three parties in the left-green opposition confirmed that they will abolish the system of tax relief for household services if they win the election in September.

The tax relief - which was introduced by the centre right government - allows households to deduct half the cost of services such as cleaning and babysitting. According to he government, it has created 7000 new jobs in the taxpaying, "white" part of the economy.

But on Tuesday Mona Sahlin, leader of the biggest opposition party the Social Democrats, called the tax relief "unfair and wrong". Her party thinks it is a way of giving tax relief to already rich people.

And Lars Ohly, leader of the Left Party, sees it as a way of undermining the public welfare system, which is where he would like to see more resources instead.

The Government, however, claims that the tax relief pays for itself, by creating more jobs. This weekend, the biggest Government party, the conservative Moderate party, vowed to make it an election issue.

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