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AstraZeneca's Pullout a Challenge for Lund

It has come as a blow to what is known as Sweden’s Medicon Valley: The decision of pharmaceutical giant Astra Zeneca to shut down its entire research activity in the university city of Lund. The research staff of 150 scientists will be moved to Mölndal on the west coast. But for most of the 900 people currently employed at the company’s Lund branch the future is uncertain.

Professor Olov Sterner, the head of Lund university's chemistry department, told Radio Sweden's Klaus Heilbronner what Astra Zeneca's cutback decision means for the city and for the university:

In a comment on Astra Zeneca's decision to pull out of Lund, the Minister for Education and Research Tobias Krantz told Swedish Radio:

"This shows that we have to continue doing what we have done already, and that is to engage in medical research and strive to be world class in this area. The government is allotting 80 million dollars annually to reach that goal. I hope that this will bear fruit in the future."

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