World of Warcraft has been described as like a drug

World of Warcraft - Harmless Hobby or Dangerous Addiction?

It's called "World of Warcraft" and is enjoyed by 12 million people across the globe, including around 200,000 in Sweden. But critics say the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game in which the player enters a fictional world and plays with other enthusiasts on the Internet, is taking over everyday life for those "addicted" gaming youngsters, all consumed by the fictional world of dungeons and dragons.

But is this really the case? Radio Sweden's Dave Russell spoke to a Swedish expert in the field, Gothenburg University lecturer Jonas Linderoth, who talked to ten young gamers about their game playing experiences in the west of Sweden, and found out why Sweden's parents should be crossing the technological divide and taking an interest in their kids life on the net

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