The ferry Birger Jarl struggling in the ice on Tuesday

Ice Continues to Stop Ferries in the Baltic

On Sunday, at the earliest, the ferry company Ånedin Lines hopes to take up its passenger traffic between Stockholm and the Finnish island of Åland again. Other ferry companies also report cancelled and delayed journeys, due to the thick ice in the Baltic Sea.

It is the thaw at the beginning of the week, combined with a strong and steady wind that have caused the problem. The wind has pushed the ice towards the east coast of Sweden, packing in several metres thick and making it virtually impossible to pass.

Over the last few days over a dozen ships have been stuck in the ice, and seven icebreakers have been working day and night to set them free. The situation along Sweden's east coast is expected to improve towards the weekend, when the wind will slacken and change direction, possibly causing problems along the Finnish coast instead.

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