The remains of the roof in Kristinehamn
winter chaos

Carelessness Caused Winter's Roof Collapses, Not Snow

According to Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren, the snow is not to blame for the circa 110 roofs that have collapsed in southern and western Sweden this winter. Rather, insufficient building checks, negligence, and lack of knowledge have combined to cause the collapses, an “unacceptable” situation that new rules aim to solve.

Carlgren told journalists at a press conference on Monday that the government is now ready to rewrite construction codes to make roof inspections more thorough.

Since a change in rules about twenty years ago, building proprietors themselves are responsible for making sure that roofs are sound.

“There are probably some contractors that don’t even know that they have this responsibility,” Mats Björs, chief executive officer of the Swedish Construction Clients Forum, told news agency TT.

Two people have died and numerous people have been injured in roof collapses in Sweden this winter, most of which have hit buildings with large roofs, like warehouses, sports halls, and supermarkets.

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