Sweden Loses Case in European Court

If Sweden sends an Iranian dissident back to Iran it would go against the European convention, according to The European Court of Human Rights.

The court made the decision on Tuesday with six votes to one.

The Iranian man applied for asylum in Sweden in 2003, claiming that he had taken part in a demonstration against the Iranian regime in 2001, and that he had been arrested, tortured and imprisoned for two years before managing to flee the prison and the country.

The Swedish authorities doubted his story and rejected his asylum claim.

In 2007 a Swedish Migration Court decided to put a break on its decision to send the man back to Iran, and wait for the outcome of the European decision.

The European Court finds the man's story credible and believes that the statement from the man's doctor supports the torture claims. If the Swedish authorities doubt this, they should have asked for expert advice, according to the European court.

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