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youth and crime

"5000 Could End Up in Gangs"

Updated 10:20

Stockholm's police commissioner Carin Götblad has handed over a proposal to the government calling for the creation of "Project Boy" - targeting youngsters who have started breaking the law and getting into trouble - becoming the perfect recruits for criminal gangs.

The proposal claims that there are 5,000 boys and teenagers at risk.

"Project Pojke" or "Project Boy" wants to see a multi-faceted approach to a youth starting to go wrong. The schools are to focus on the boy instead of shrugging shoulders. The local police and the social welfare staff are to be brought in and the local business owners are to be encouraged to provide employment or training programs instead of rejecting boys with troubled backgrounds – so far rather typical of the Swedish businessman who could learn from successful job experiments in some other countries.

Since the children of the working class and immigrants have higher crime statistics than others, special attention is to be given to some of the bigger city suburbs notorious for high unemployment, social problems and conflicts between residents and the police.

The Swedish police proposal maintains that Project Boy should get 10 million dollars a year -– and that in the long run, this will save Sweden much more than this by keeping the youngsters out of the criminal gangs.

State and local governments as well as voluntary organizations are to be encouraged to apply for funds to save the boys.

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