Surgeons Want More Obesity Operations

The demand for operations to treat obesity has increased dramatically in recent years, leading surgeons to ask the government to increase the number of facilities that deal with overweight patients.

Although 1,500 more patients were operated in 2009 compared to the year before, over 15,000 people are still waiting to go under the knife to lose weight.

Ingmar Näslund, chief physician at the University Hospital in Örebro, told Swedish Radio News that the procedure is very effective.

“We’ve been able to show that it saves lives, cures sicknesses, and increases quality of life, with a moderate risk for side-effects,” he said.

The Swedish Surgical Society now wants the heath care apparatus to make the surgery available to more patients by assessing and later coordinating resources for combating obesity.

“It’s all about expanding those resources in a smart way so that we get the most out of the money we invest,” Göran Stiernstedt of the Surgical Society told Swedish Radio News.

Meanwhile, a new study from Lund shows that children who sit in front of the television are at much greater risk of being overweight than those who spend an equal amount of time at the computer.

The presence of a television in children’s rooms was directly connected to them being overweight, whereas a computer screen didn’t play a role at all.

The study’s author theorizes that the difference depends on the amount of attention each of the two screens are accorded: it is easier to snack in front of the television compared to the computer, especially when chatting or playing a game.

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