Honoring the dead soldiers at Ärna airport.

"Soldiers Killed by Friendly Fire"

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports that friendly fire killed the two Swedish soldiers and their interpreter shot in Afghanistan in February. Citing anonymous sources connected to the investigation, the paper writes that Gunnar Andersson, Johan Palmlöv, and Mohammad Shahab Ayoulay fell victim to gunfire from other Swedish soldiers.

But the Armed Forces dismissed the report in an online statement, writing that there is no evidence that suggests that friendly fire played a role in their deaths.

Their version holds that an Afghan man dressed in a police uniform suddenly opened fire on the three men, who instantly fell to the ground. Only then did other soldiers begin shooting.

Major General Berndt Grundevik did not want to comment on Aftonbladet’s story, though he did tell news agency TT that he found the speculations “distasteful.”

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