Surprise in the post

Stolen Wallet Returned 40 Years Later

The wallet - containing 50 Swedish crowns - was stolen 40 years ago, at an amusement park in Vansbro in central Sweden. On Friday, the police was surprised to find it in the post with an anonymous letter of apology.

The thief confessed that guilty conscience had caught up with him after that night when he - drunk and broke - found the wallet, and decided not to hand it in. "I have bitterly regretted what I did and the problem was that I forgot where I had put it," he wrote to the police.

Now, somehow, the thief had managed to find the wallet again and decided it was time to try to make up for his sins.

The wallet was intact and contained among others the original owner's driving licence. Only the 50 crown note (7 US dollars) was missing. Now the thief had replaced it with 1,000 crowns (142 US dollars) in an attempt to compensate for the loss 40 years ago.

In the letter, the thief says he hopes the original owner is still alive, and that he can forgive him. It turns out the owner has deceased, but the Police in Vansbro say they will pass on the wallet and the money to his relatives.

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