Eurovision song Contest

Anna to Sing Sweden's Eurovision Entry

18-year-old Anna Bergendahl won the final in the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night. Her song "This is My Life" will be representing Sweden at the Europe-wide competition in Oslo in the end of May.

Bergendahl was among the favourites to win, but for a while it looked like other artists would beat her to it.

For the first time, the organisers of the extensive Swedish selection process had involved a partly international jury. This was an attempt to help find a Swedish entry that would do better in the Eurovision Song Contest than over the last few years. And it is perhaps worth noting that Anna Bergendahl did not score the highest point with any of the international jurys.

The jury-groups in France and Norway preferred Salem al Fakirs "Keep on Walking", while the Russian and Greek jurys likes Darin "You're Out of My Life". In Serbia and Ireland the top points went to Ola's "unstoppable". "In Serbia, we like to dance," said the chair of the Belgrade jury as he delivered the result of their vote. After the Swedish jurys had had their say, Salem al Fakir was in the lead.

It was only when the votes from the Swedish phone-in had been added, that Anna Bergendahl and her song made it to the top. The votes from the Swedish public were given as much weight as all the jurys together. By that stage, Salem al Fakir had ended up in third place, and Eric Saade's "Manboy'" had landed second.

"This is My Life" is a soft, gospel-inspired popballad, sung by Anna Bergendahl with intensity and a slight vibrato. Composers are Bobby Lunggren and Kristian Lagerström.

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