Artist Lars Vilks and "Jihad Jane"
vilks controversy

"Jihad Jane" Pleads Not Guilty

The American woman nicknamed “Jihad Jane” pled not guilty in a Philadelphia court on Thursday to charges of being part of an international mission to kill Swedish artist Lars Vilks. She will be held without bail until the trial begins on May 3.

According to her defense attorney, the woman whose real name is Colleen LaRose risks life in prison if she is convicted.

Information of the October 2009 arrest of LaRose was made public as a group of seven people in Ireland were arrested on March 9 on similar charges. Four have since been released, including a 31-year-old American woman.

Lars Vilks drew the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog in 2007, a drawing that outraged many in the Muslim world and led to a bounty of 100,000 dollars being put on his head by a leader of a group with links to al-Qaeda.

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