Åsa Regner from the RFSU

Raise Awareness of Maternal Mortality

Hundreds of thousands of women die every day around the world due to pregnancy related complications. Ninety Nine percent of these deaths take place in the developing world. The Swedish Association for Sexual Education, says urgent steps need to be taken to address the enormous problems faced by pregnant women.

In Sweden the risk of dying from pregnancy-related complications is 1 in 17,400. In an African country in general, it is 1 in 26. In addition to that , maternal mortality cases around the world have tremendous impact on the lives of women in these parts of the world since most of the cases lead to an eventual death sooner or later. The Swedish Association for Sexual Education recently galvanised concerned women and men in an effort to create more awareness about the issue. The campaign included the publishing of an appeal article in the country's biggest morning paper, Dagens Nyheter and signed by a number of leading and the organisation of the pram walk by mothers and fathers. Åsa Regnér, Secretary-General of the Association told Azariah Kiros that it did help to create more awareness about maternal mortality. Listen to what she says by clicking on the sound file.

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