Protesters outside the Swedish embassy in Kuala Lumpur

Swedish Flag Burned in Protest

More than 200 Malaysian Muslims protested against Swedish artist Lars Vilks and the newspapers here which reprinted his caricature of the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog.

Outside the Swedish embassy in Kuala Lumpur , the protesters set fire to a Swedish flag and a pciture of Lars Vilks, chanting "Long live Islam" and "Down with Sweden" and carrying posters that read "Take some lessons from 9/11!!!" and "We fight for our prophet."

The Swedish ambassador at the embassy, Helena Sangeland, said that she was "very disappointed" that the Swedish flag was burned.

"The Swedish government will not comment nor take any action against media. Freedom of expression is enshrined in our constitution. It is not negotiable," she told The Associated Press. " don't think Malaysia-Sweden bilateral relations will be affected in any way."

Vilks has said he made the caricature to show that artistic freedom allows mockery of all religions. Several newspapers reprinted the caricature earlier this month when an alleged plot to murder the cartoonist was disclosed.

One of the alleged conspirators was in court in Ireland today for an unrelated matter.  

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