Sahlin Wants to Raise the Ceiling in the Health Insurance

The Social Democrats want to raise the ceiling in the sick pay, so that more people will get 80 % of they pay when they are off sick, Swedish Radio News reports.

According to Statistics Sweden, over half of those working full time have already hit the ceiling in the health insurance, and will get less than 80 % of their salary in sick pay. And if the people who work part time are also included, a third of the working force ends up above this ceiling.

Mona Sahlin, leader of the Social Democrats, fear this is undermining the health insurance: "Either we have decent insurance where many wage earners also have a decent protection. Or it become more of a mini-insurance that is not going to help people back to work."

Asked by Swedish Radio News if she also wants to raise the ceiling in the unemployment benefit, she replied that it is important in both insurance systems, and that she will soon present proposals together with her coalition partners the Greens and the Left Party as to how they judge the possibilities of doing so.

The Centre Right Government Coalition is not so keen on raising the ceiling. The Minister of Finance, Anders Borg from the conservative Moderate Party recently told Swedish Radio News that he would rather invest that money in pre-school education or improving the quality of the health care.

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