Not Enough Sleep Can Make You Fat

Too little sleep and you could put on weight around your waist and hips, according to a new study by Uppsala University.

400 women took part in the survey, which found that too little sleep, and especially deep sleep, meant that the women put on weight around the abdomen. The link was especially clear among young women, nurse Jenny Theorell-Haglöw told newspaper UNT.

She says there could be several reasons why a bad night's sleep could cause people to gain weight:

"A short night's sleep, too little deep sleep, or not enough 'REM-sleep'(dream sleep), can disturb the production of cortisol and growth hormones in a way that means more weight is put on. Being awake for longer also means more time to eat", Theorell-Haglöw told UNT. The study was published in the journal Sleep.

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