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"Hole" in Kidnapping Law To Be Fixed

The government is seeking to shore up a law that allows a parent to take his or her children to another country—and then keep them there indefinitely. At the moment, a parent can for example take a child on vacation to a foreign country with the other parent’s permission, and then legally keep the child there against the other parent’s will.

Sweden’s Minister for Justice, Beatrice Ask, describes it as “a hole” in the law that needs to be fixed.

“I want that there is security for children and that we need to be clear about the fact that we want parents to work together. It’s not acceptable that the one parent tries to steal away a child,” Ask told Swedish Radio News.

Last year, 63 children were held outside of Sweden against the other parent’s wishes.

“We need clear laws about what applies,” the Minister for Justice said. “Everything that can be done so that this doesn’t result in problems will naturally be done.”