Suspected Terrorist Held in Gothenburg

Updated 18:50

A man suspected of planning a terrorist attack was taken into custody today by police near the west coast city of Gothenburg, according to a press release from the Swedish Security Service.

The secret service has been following the man for some time, who is accused of preparing an attack in Somalia.

Over the last few months, there have been several media reports that either question reports of extremism among Swedish-Somali youth or that claim that more of the youth dare speak up against the violent islamist organisation al-Shabab. The press secretary of the Swedish Security Police told the news agency TT earlier this year that they "have seen a significantly less support for al-Shabab among Swedish-Somalis".

The deputy chief prosecutor has got until Friday to decide whether she will demand that the man, who is a Swedish citizen, is remanded in custody or not. According to the Security Police, several people will be questioned during the investigation.