Nuclear Expansion Postponed

Updated 1:51 PM

Swedish Radio News reports that Sweden’s coalition parties have agreed to postpone their new policy on nuclear power here. The delay in plans to replace old reactors as they wear out is said to be in response to a key MP’s threat to vote with the opposition on the issue.

Swedes voted in 1980 to phase out nuclear power here, but so far only two reactors have been closed and ten are still in operation. Many members of the Center Party, long known for its opposition to nuclear power, expressed objections when the party leadership signed on to the coalition’s policy.

The government parties in parliament’s commerce committee reportedly now want to remove the ban on building new reactors from January 1st, and not in August, which would have been one month before the upcoming elections.

The opposition Social Democrats’ spokesperson on business and commerce, Tomas Eneroth, is critical, telling Swedish Radio News the coalition is trying to fool the Swedish people with a tactical game. He calls for an energy policy that is “generous and longterm”.