Red Cross Swindler Gets Five Years

Former Red Cross director Johan af Donner has been sentenced to a total of five years in prison for fraud, breach of loyalty, and assisting accounting crime in Stockholm district court. The former communications head admitted to swindling more than a million US dollars from the charity over a nine year period.

Yet the Red Cross was not the only charity to feel the sting of af Donner's fraud; the Swedish Cancer Society was also cheated out of several thousand dollars through his use of fake invoices.

The two men who lay behind the consulting and printing businesses that aided in af Donner's creation of fake invoices were found guilty of accounting fraud.

The former director said in court that his monthly salary of 7,600 dollars was not enough to satisfy his lust for luxury and the fees for his son's boarding school.

He will now have to pay back the money stolen from the two organizations, news agency TT reports.