Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria. Photo: Pontus Lundahl / SCANPIX
Swedish Nation

Swedish Support for Monarchy Slides

Despite a year of intense media reporting leading up to Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, support for both the Swedish royal family and for the country's monarchy has plummeted.

Not even half of Swedes now think that it is good for Sweden to be a monarchy, according to a new opinion poll by the Research Group for Societal and Information Studies.

The research group has regularly polled Swedes on this issue since 1996. Fifteen years ago, seven out of ten Swedes thought it was positive that Sweden was a monarchy, whereas just one in ten thought it was negative.

Joachim Timander, the research group's opinion analyst, told newspaper Dagens Nyheter that support for the monarchy has likely plunged because scandal reporting in the weekly and evening tabloids has increased.


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