Web Cameras Capture Too Much Detail

A number of Swedish municipalities and tourist sites on the Internet could be guilty of illegally using camera surveillance.

Swedish Radio news has examined footage from web cameras, a common site in public places. Some of the material is so clear that individuals are recognizable.

Throughout the country, it is not unusual to find web cameras set up in public places. Their intended purpose is to show a range conditions, from weather to traffic and from ski slopes to pedestrian streets.

Most of the cameras are set a legal distance away from the sites they are filming, but some are much closer.

For example, the island town of Borgholm in southern Sweden has two web cameras attached to the second floor of a building overlooking the town square. In some cases, the footage from the cameras has been used to identify people.

Lars Frick, a local leader of Borgholm, told Swedish Radio news that they saw the web cameras as a nice feature when they installed them several years ago, but that they will contact the county on Monday to find out whether the cameras are too close.