Election 2010

Promise to Raise Subsidy for Elderly

Updated 6:33 PM

Sweden's Center party says it wants to increase tax breaks for the elderly when they hire domestic helpers, such as cleaners and gardeners. At a convention Friday, Party leader Maud Olofsson focused on the subsidy for the elderly, an important consituency for the Center Party in advance of the September 19 national elections.

If the Center party is elected, they will push to raise the tax rebate from the current 50 to 75 percent for people aged 75 and up. But Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt said the existing subsidy does the job of reducing off-the-books cleaning work. And the extra money, he said, would be better spent elsewhere.

He told Swedish Radio News, "We think that with the tax subsidy that exists now, that a market has now been established, and even that there is growing demand."

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