Stockholm: More Wikileaks on Afghan War

The visiting head of the controversial internet site Wikileaks, Julian Assange, says he plans to release the remaining 15,000 documents on the war in Afghanistan and rejects Pentagon demands that he remove the documents already released.

Despite criticism that the disclosures are dangerous for the foreign troops in Afghanistan and their Afghan allies, he insists the revelations are important to document the large number of civilian casualties in the war and that this is important for Afghanistan itself.

Speaking at a meeting of the Christian section of the opposition Social Democratic party, the Australian-born Assange said that Sweden is such an important base for his internet site that he is convinced that the Americans are contacting Swedes in efforts to try to block the leaks.

He adds that he is aware that the Swedish foreign ministry has denied any such contacts, but adds that such informal contacts are standard.

Assange maintains that Sweden is the goal of a new kind of refugee - journalists and publicists seeking freedom of the press.

He has also confirmed that he will soon apply for Swedish distribution license because of thee Swedish legislation protecting the identity of source material.

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