election 2010

The Crucial Role of Support Voting

A new survey suggests that one of the smaller government parties was saved by tactical voting, and that it was also a major factor in the Sweden Democrats' breakthrough.

The Christian Democrats were very close to the four per cent needed to enter parliament. Now a survey by Novus Opinion says that 37 per cent of those who voted for the Christian Democrats were actually supporters of other parties. These votes would have been crucial in giving the centre-right Alliance enough parliamentary seats to stay in power.

The Center party also gained around 30 per cent of its votes in this way. Arne Modig at Novus Opinion says that the conservative Moderate party is now in a position to hand out votes to its smaller partners. He adds that the rise in tactical voting is linked to the emergence of two political blocs - the survey suggests that 30 per cent of voters had first chosen which bloc they wanted to win, and only then decided on the particular party they would vote for.

The survey also indicates that one in four Sweden Democrat votes were for tactical reasons. Arne Modig says that this shows that a lot of Sweden Democrat voters were making a protest. Sweden Democrat votes came from supporters of all the main parties, but especially the largest - the Moderates and the Social Democrats.

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