Anna Lindh

Hospital that Treated Anna Lindh Seeks External Review of Care

Karolinska Hospital is asking the National Board of Health and Welfare to review the treatment that the late Anna Lindh, a former foreign minister of Sweden, received at the hospital right before she died.

Seven years ago, on September 10, 2003, Lindh was brutally stabbed in a Stockholm department store. News agency TT reports that she was still fully conscious after the attack and was taken to Karolinska for treatment. Suffering massive blood loss from internal bleeding, the 46-year-old Lindh died the next morning.

The hospital has gone through its records of the tragedy and believes that it made no mistakes in treating her. However, an upcoming Swedish TV4 report is expected to criticize the care that the hospital provided. Therefore, Karolinska has requested the review to pre-empt any possible accusations against their integrity.

"Because the matter carries such a large significance – both nationally and historically – , it is important to prevent rumors about it from spreading. Therefore, we believe that it is urgent for the Board of Health and Welfare to scrutinize the care of Anna Lindh," reads the hospital's official request.

A spokesman from Karolinska told Agence France-Presse that the foreign minister's murder is a question of such importance that "we don't think this question should just be tossed out in a television programme."