Minority Rule in Many Local Councils

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats will hold the balance of power in at least 36 local councils in Sweden, following the September 19th elections, according to magazine Dagens Samhälle, with other parties now doing what they can to stop them holding any influence over policy.

Following the national trend with a minority government, many of those local councils will be run by parties who don't command a majority of votes in the assemblies, relying on other parties to get votes through, depending on the issue. All so they don't have to make deals with the Sweden Democrats.

The Greens will also be an important partner for the parties in forming an informal majority in many of the local councils. Nationally the party has refused to make a deal with the four centre-right Alliance, but has no such qualms locally, with a history of co-operation with the centre-right in many regions.

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