"The Pirate Bay Must Die"

As the appeals trial continues against four people involved in the file-sharing site the Pirate Bay, two of the defendants have provocatively argued that the site should die.

Despite the lower court verdict that the site was illegally spreading copyrighted music, videos, and games, the Pirate Bay has continued to grow. When the police raided the site’s servers in 2006 the Pirate Bay had around 2 million users. The TT news agency says today there are 20 million, from around the world.

But during a recess during the appeals trial, defendants Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij told TT that the Pirate Bay has grown so large it no longer has any file-sharing rivals. “It’s bad for the Internet,” Peter Sunde says, “if there is only one search engine with a near monopoly.”

He also points out that the bittorrent system used to share files is almost ten years old, ancient technology in the online world. Old technology, Sunde says, is an obstacle for new developments and can kill creativity.