Left Party to Re-evaluate Its Policies

Following its disastrous results in the elections two weeks ago, the Left Party is setting up a future commission to define its role in Swedish politics. Party leader Lars Ohly tells Swedish Radio News the re-evaluation is necessary because Sweden has changed.

The former Communists only polled 5.6 percent of the vote this time, down from 5.9 in 2006, and from their all-time high of 12 percent in 1998.

The party leadership has begun an analysis of the election, which is expected to be finished by December. The new future commission is to be appointed on Friday, and is to present its conclusions to the party conference in early 2012.

Despite the loss, and the slide since he took over in 2004, Lars Ohly seems secure in his position, with no public calls for his resignation. Nor have there been calls for an extra party conference, such as the Social Democrats will be holding.