Ulf Kristersson replaced Christina Husmark as minister of social security when the new government was announced last week.

Minister announce no changes to social security despite critique

There will be no changes to the social security system when it comes to rules that apply for sick leave despite the criticism, Swedish Radio news reports.

Ulf Kristersson, social security minister, was expected to announce at least a few changes to the rules but in a recent interview he said he was only willing, at this point, to study the issue further. But, he added, there will not be any big changes.

“I believe that the most important thing is that we are crystal clear on the point that we have done important reforms, and those will stay in place.”

Only one week after he was appointed minister of social security Kristersson says that it is too early to change the rules, which has made it more difficult for people to get benefits for long-term sick leave. The new rules have also lowered the compensation.

During the election campaign the centre-right Alliance were accused of forcing people to work even though they were suffering from severe diseases.

One controversial case was about Annika Holmquist who is suffering from acromegaly, a decease which affects the production of growth hormones causing body parts and organs to grow. She was kicked off social security benefits.

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