Parliament to hear about situation for Swedish troops in Afghanistan

Commander-in-chief of the Swedish armed forces, Sverker Göranson, will present the situation in Afghanistan to the Swedish parliament on Tuesday. This comes as a recent spate of attacks and roadside bombs killed one Swedish soldier and seriously wounded two.

On Monday, Göranson told Swedish Radio news that Sweden's military tactics there are unlikely to change.

"I spoke with the unit commander and the ambassador, and both are set on our current tactics – that they are wholly correct and that we are on the road to success," he said.

Defense minister, Sten Tolgfors, told Swedish Radio news that there might be a connection between the rising number of attacks against Swedish soldiers and the fact that Swedish lawmakers are discussing involvement in Afghanistan. In other words, insurgent groups could be targeting Sweden in order to affect the decision.

Sweden currently has about 500 soldiers stationed in northern Afghanistan as part of a NATO-led security force.

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