The quality of dental care varies depending on where you are in Sweden.

New guidelines to improve dental care

Quality time and not more dental products will improve the oral health for adults, according to Swedish health authorities.

After surveying dentists, the Health and Human Service Department released new guidelines to improve dental care as well as standardize patient care throughout Sweden.

Currently the quality of dental care varies a lot depending on where one lives in Sweden, according to project leader Nils Oscarson.

When authorities surveyed root canal fillings, they found that more than half of the dentists didn’t follow recommended methods. And it was difficult to know if all dentists use the most effective treatment options today.

“It is always difficult to remain updated as a dentist or dental hygienist. In this work we found over 30.000 scientific articles,” Oscarson told Swedish Radio news.

The new guidelines are an attempt to improve the situation.

The department also found that using antibiotics, fluoride tablets and anti-bacterial mouthwash do not offer better results than if patients just brush with a good toothpaste two times per day.

“Many of the products like fluoride tablets, chewing gum and dental floss with fluoride have very little effect on adults. It is better to spend the money on something else. Mouthwash with anti-bacterial properties that you can find in stores and in pharmacies, for example,
doesn’t really help to treat diseases.”

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