More Malmö "anti-immigrant" shootings

Police in the southern Swedish city of Malmö are calling for sharper measures for those detained for possessing loaded guns - instead of releasing them from custody after a day or two.

This comes as city police continue their search for the suspected culprit shooting now as many as between 10 and 15 victims.

At first reluctant to give detailed information, Malmö police say they suspect a single person using the same weapon is behind the shootings - and that almost all of the victims have been men with foreign backgrounds.

Some commentators say they see a strong similarity with the Stockholm and Uppsala shootings of immigrant men almost 20 years ago - when a single man still in prison murdered one man and wounded 10 others.

An explanation for the motive at that time was the strong public debate over the entrance to parliament of a new but short-lived anti-immigrant political party.

Much public debate these days surrounds another anti-immigrant party which has won seats in the new parliament for the first time.

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