Sweden Democrats "banned" from Nobel party, present first autumn budget

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are not to be invited to this year's Nobel Banquet, with the Nobel Foundation saying it would be against the spirit of Alfred Nobel's will to invite them.

Speaking to tabloid Aftonbladet, the CEO of the Foundation, Michael Sohlman says, "if you read Alfred Nobel's will, it states clearly that nationality should be of no importance, something that the Sweden Democrats clearly do not stand for. We are a private organisation, we can invite who we like", he adds.

Leaders from all the other seven parliamentary parties have been invited to the party in Stockholm's Town Hall in December.

Meanwhile, since neither the center-right government parties nor the opposition want support from the Sweden Democrats, this party has now presented its own autumn budget calling for drastic cuts in Swedish foreign aid and in support of immigrant and refugees programs.

The party wants this money instead to go to pensioners, education, health care and families with children – proposals which won them enough voter support to enter parliament.

With only 20 seats in parliament, the Sweden Democrats have no chance to obtain parliamentary support for their budget proposal.

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