Sweden again returning asylum seekers to Iraq

The Migration Board will again start returning people to Iraq after their asylum application has failed. According to a press statement from the Migration Board, the European Court of Human Rights has confirmed that Sweden so far always has acted in accordance with the Court's requests.

The process was temporary halted last week after the general secretary of the Council of Europe criticised Sweden and other countries for acting against the will of the Court.

The Court is currently investigating whether it is safe to return to Iraq. In the meantime, it deems that Iraqis should be allowed to stay in the country where they have applied for asylum. But the court will only intervene on a case by case basis so each asylum seeker has to apply to the court to postpone the deportation.

Last week, several hundred such applications had been filed with the Court, which acted in some 200 cases. Ten people who were supposed to be on a plane back to Baghdad last Wednesday are however not among those. So after having waited for a week, the Migration Board now ends the moratorium and will send them back to Iraq.

The deportation of over 200 other Iraqi asylum seekers, whose application to the Court has been granted, has been further postponed until the 8th of December.

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