Mikael Damberg (Social Democrat) and Richard Jomshof (Sweden Democrat). Photo: Scanpix

Social Democrats ask to delay grades decision

The Social Democrats have surprised political analysts by asking to postpone the decision on grades in schools. The parliamentary committee on education was expected to vote on a new grading system, and the centre-right government proposal was not expected to get a majority backing, since the Sweden Democrats had planned to vote for the proposal of the three red and green opposition parties.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Social Democrat deputy chairperson of the committee, Mikael Damberg told Swedish Radio News that "we need more time". He also said that they prioritise "long-term and broad agreements" when it comes to education policies.

Richard Jomshof, of the Sweden Democrats said "the feeling I get is that the Red-Greens do not want to win this vote with our support. I may be wrong, but that is how it feels."

The government has proposed to introduce grading criteria for the grades A, B and C, while the Red-Greens want specific criteria also for the grades B and D.

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